SherryLocated in Oklahoma City, Create Me a Cake got its start when a mom’s desire to take cake-decorating classes was finally fulfilled. The best part was that her two daughters were able to take the classes with her. Can you imagine? Enough icing and cake per week for three students for the duration of twelve weeks. Needless to say, the man of the house tasted enough cakes in those few weeks to last a lifetime!

Now, word of mouth is playing a big role in the success of Create Me a Cake. If you see something you like that we’ve created, we’d be honored if you ‘Let us create a cake for you’! If you like what you’ve had us create and been able to experience Create Me a Cake first-hand, please let others know, so others will say, “Create Me a Cake,” too!

A Shout-Out to my family:
I am so grateful for my husband and girls!

To my daughters, for taking cake classes alongside me, creating cakes of their own even when they may have rather been watching T.V., playing games, or hanging out with friends. Thanks for the fun memories of over-flowing cupcakes, lemon-filled cakes that had a mind of its own, and thinking outside of the box. I love you both very much!

To my husband, who has spent countless hours funding my cake creations, listening to my ideas, creating my website, email, and eating our cakes (our many, many cakes), I love you. You are my support, confidant, and my best friend and I couldn’t have done this without you!

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