Oklahoma Bedlam Cake

It’s Bedlam all around. OU vs OSU, Triple Chocolate vs French Vanilla Cake. A Rice Krispies Treat covered in fondant for the football was created just for the birthday guy. Happy 13th Birthday, Zach! I wonder which team you were rooting for. 🙂 Go Pokes!

Shared Rainbow Birthday Cakes

Triple chocolate for one and French vanilla for the other. These two cakes were covered in rich vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles covered the sides of each cake. A fondant rainbow connected the two. Add some fluffy buttercream clouds and fondant bows for these sweet sisters. Happy Birthday Emma & …

Sloth Cake

This white almond cake was carved into the shape of a sloth and covered in rich almond buttercream icing. Such a cute little guy! Piped grey buttercream for his fur and fondant creations for his face and claws. Sitting on top of a tree trunk and eating his favorite snack, …