I am very honest and fair with cake pricing and the pricing for my creations.  Although I cannot give you an exact cost, I can give you an idea!  A non-refundable deposit of the base price is due two weeks prior to pick-up or upon order to hold your date. The prices listed below are base price.  Base price does not include fondant creations. *Fondant creations are an additional cost which will be determined by the actual cost of materials and my “creating hours” involved. The final price minus your deposit is due upon pick-up.

Base Pricing Before Creations

The following charts reflect the base price for buttercream only to be around $2 per serving and base price for buttercream and fondant to be around $3.33 per serving. For a cake to feed more than 60 people, the base price is calculated by using the same cost per serving for buttercream only or for buttercream and fondant.

Cakes to feed up to:                                                        Fondant covered cakes to feed up to:
– 12 people  $24                                                               – 12 people $40
– 24 people  $48                                                              – 24 people $80
– 36 people  $72                                                              – 36 people $120
– 48 people  $96                                                              – 48 people $160
– 60 people  $120                                                           – 60 people $200

Cupcakes (standard size) are $1.50 each before creations:
–  1 dozen  $20
–  2 dozen  $36
–  3 dozen  $54
–  4 dozen  $72
–  5 dozen  $90

Creations Only
I will be happy to create fondant creations without a cake order.  The price for these creations includes the cost of materials plus $10 per “creating hour”.

I have had many people ask about shipping. Unfortunately, I do not ship my cakes. What I’ve found is the cost of shipping and the risk involved tend to be higher than I am comfortable with. I am very humbled though to be asked.

Payment Options
CreateMeACake accepts cash, check, credit cards, and Paypal. Please note, all non cash/check payments will be assessed a fee (cc processing) of 4% per the amount of transaction.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I look forward to creating a cake for you!

*Many of the fondant creations requested are registered trademarks of companies such as Boy Scouts of America, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Cisco, Disney, DC Comics, LEGO, Mattel, Marvel, Namco, Nickelodeon, Nintendo, Rovio, Universal, popluar books, musicians and bands, etc. and are not my original ideas. If you are a company and a likeness of your trademark is on this website and you would like it removed, please contact me by clicking the ‘Contact’ link at the top of the page.

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